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Hello All,

I am the (main) defendant in this matter. I must be careful what I say for obvious reasons. But let me state for the record some things that people should be aware of;
1. My car was near new, and had approx. 3000klms on the speedo when it was delivered to Hunter Holden at St Leonards. It was a $60,000+ vehicle.
2. I was telephoned by an employee of Hunter Holden who asked me if I had collected the car...(which I had not, as the interior and other parts were not on the car I was initally told because of the servicing/warranty issue) then I was told that the car was "missing", but they will find it, this had heppened to other customers and they have dealt with it.
3. I got the train to the dealership as they would not deliver a loan car to me.
4. The loan car given to me ran out of registration ( the label expired) not long after I was given it to use (it was not a similar vehicle to mine, smaller and had a bad odour) I called the dealership several times and no one responded to my complaint that the car could be out of registration and I did not want to risk using it.
5. The car sat in my street unused and returned to the dealer after many weeks being left in the street. This was after threats by Adam Kaplan that he would report the vehicle stolen if I did not return it, after I rejected his "off the record" offer of $45,000 for my vehicle.
6. I was eventually forced to claim the loss against my insurance company as I coul dsee this going for an indefinate period....it had been around 12 weeks at this point getting nowhere.
7. One thing that still sticks in my mind and my legal counsel is that Adam Kaplan (One of the directors of Hunter Holden) said to me "It's no different than leaving your car in the car park at a Westfeild Shopping Centre, if it goes missing you just claim against your insurance company".
7. Days before the plaintiffs filed the proceedings ( approx 2 weeks ago) the legal representatives of Adam Kaplan and Hunter Holden wrote to my legal counsel asking that if I was to pay $45,000+ the matter might not go any further.
8. Follow this case and you will see just how Hunter Holden, Adam Kaplan and other staff have handled the matter when dealing with me.
9. I will be in court defending this matter.
10. Do I think this SUCKS, you bet I do!

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Interesting. Sorry for everyone who has had the headache of dealing with situations similar to this one. I do thank everyone for sharing your experiences because it helps teach others who may be unaware of the corrupt businesses out there!


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