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Cameron Reilly

Shannon, this isn't a matter of opinion - it's a matter of simple fact and history.

This didn't start with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. That just exacerbated the situation. This started a long time before, with the CIA's involvement in the Middle East. It started with America's military support of Israel. It started with America's arming of the Afghans against the Russians. It started with America's arming of Saddam against Iran. It started with America's establishment of military bases in Kuwait in the early 90's.

If you haven't, I recommend reading Chomsky on the issue.

Tony Goodson

So on the basis of your simplistic bow pulling you'll be on the front line for the invasion of Iran, North Korea, and China?

I can't speak for Cameron, but I was taking the complex line (not simplistic bow pulling) and questioning why Iraq, why at the time, and for what reason?

Are we safer? Could the money have been better spent invading someone else or on something else?

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