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While i'm more than happy to admit that the whole chequebook journalism phenomenon is objectionable, blaming the news subjects who accept the money being thrust at them seems a little unfair. If I (or most people reading this) were in the same situation, i don't think i'd be willing to turn down the offer of ridiculous sums of money.

As far as paying for his rescue, that seems like a ridiculous proposition, though i think a case could be made that his employer be forced to reimburse the Australian government. Wood's situation is not similar to cases involving lost adventurers - he was simply an employee of a company involved in a larger situation (Iraq) which has been endorsed by the Australian government. For the Australian government to now disavow any responsibility for Wood being in that situation (as would be implied by Wood having to pay for his own rescue) is simply dishonest.

Greg Tingle

Wood's certainly making hay whilst the sun shines. He's even got 3 main markets to market himself in - Australia, United States, UK, and let's not forget the Middle East, but I suspect he will play Iraq via video feeds, doco etc, rather than set foot. One must wonder how the rest of his family feels about all of this, especially Mrs Wood. Anyway, good luck to 'em. Greg Tingle Sydney, Australia

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