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That was a disturbingly rational point of view.


You are right on all points.However,why would those women be induced to present such a stupid case.Rommel


What if the company wants to be really cool and allow only good looking passengers, like the coolest nightclubs? Imagine trying to buy a ticket and getting turned down, but hey, I'd "get over it." Relax guys, none of this will ever happen to you because, well, you're guys. However, someday you will be over 35 and looking for a job in management. 35 is too old, good looking or not, but you'll "get over it." Here's hoping you only ever fly with good-looking people like the gorgeous blonde stewardess who refused to help me with my bags when I had my two young daughters with me, aged 3 and 5 and I had to carry 3 carry-on bags and the 3 year old. When I asked for help she ignored me but led me to my seat. But it didn't matter because she was good looking and young so I got over it. I wonder where she is now? Not working for Virgin because she must be about 34, since it has been a few years. Time's up! Next!

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