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sharp eye

I like your points. For me the issue is that Schapelle and her defence team can not provide convincing evidence that she is not guilty.


This is becoming a media led farce,swallowed by the gullible, who are ruled by their emotions rather than using any logic.
If you follow ALL the facts,for and against-the Courts decision seems reasonable under the circumstances,even if the penalty is utterly draconian. ,but thats their Law.
Dont forget the Balinese are different to the mainlanders and they dont deserve all this abuse.They also suffered in the Bali bombing.
There are some weird self promoting characters in the background and the story has already been sold to Womens Day.
You can be sure all the money wont be going to Schapelle.
Lets keep a sane sense of proportion and lets hope the Government doesnt go all populist!
What about all the other Aussies in trouble overseas?
The real tragedy about Wood has almost been forgotten.


Some people live a life in such a way that they are receptive to the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. His spirit tells us if something is true or not. I guess what I am trying to say is that this is how we know Shapelle is innocent this same spirit witnesses to us she is innocent. People with negative comments are so quick to judge.


I totally agree with everything you have said. I think the media has a lot to answer for. The mass hysteria we are witnessing around the country is almost entirely as a result of the various newspapers & news programmes that care less for facts & more for ratings & ultimately the almighty dollar.

With respect to the Australian public's reaction to last Friday's verdict, we are guilty of the very sort of behaviour that we are accusing Indonesia & its legal system of.

Johnnie Moore

Sensible post, Shannon.

When I first heard about the Corby case, I was disturbed. But I feel that some of her supporters are now way out of line, descending to racism and remarkable levels of self-rightousness. Some of the comments published on my own blog on this have been completely offensive.


Also,the whole circus sets a dangerous precedent in that anyone convicted in future will know that if they kick up enough fuss,they will go to the front of the queue,attention-wise.
Its all against the national interest!
Have you noticed that Corby,Rau and the poor unfortunate Filipino have all been making headlines.
The SisterHood are in power mode!!


A Fair Hearing ,far from it ,evidence left untested its origin unknown. No fingerprints taken ,and the if you want to call it "Justice System " stinks , your guilty until you prove your innocence.
She gets 20 years and what did the Bali Bombers get? I would like to thank Little johny howard and his piss weak cronies for all the good they did .


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What the fuck does her innocence have to do with her suffering. i dont care if she did it or not! its not human to put someone in prison for 20 years for 4kg of grass. Your clever remarks is so lame and populistic that it hurts inside. You say that´, She will be out soon and rich! I´m emotional ofcourse and i feel sick to know that there are people who can be logical in these cases. I do agree that the media and people who to loadly scream "innocent" and get out of line totally can be counterproductive.

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