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here here or hear hear?


That was really insensitive of you. You obviously haven't been through what she and her family have been through. I was digusted to read what you had said!

sharp eye

True, they've been experiencing the most difficult time of their life and in this regard I do feel for them, but don't forget Schapelle was convicted because she could not provide convincing evidence that she did not do it. It's time to let logic, not frenziness, reign.


You voiced my sentiments so eloquently!

As for Ms Corby and the whole feeding frenzy around her - well, this is what you get when you employ PR people back in Australia to go into bat for you.

I think it was "The Age" that had a flash report from a journalist based in Indonesia. He said that when they first heard about the case it was just another "dumb" Aussie getting mixed up in drugs. It turned out that she was good talent (young, articulate, marketable) and claiming to be innocent, so they ran with the story. Along came 26/12/2004 and the media dropped her coverage as Tsunami reports dominated. However, gradually, thanks to clever PR, she began to make her way back into the pages of Australian news.

I have paid an interest in this story and I am not too sure how anyone can have a definite opinion about her guilt or lack there of. The fact is that she was found in possession of a stack of dope. The only real question is was it put there by someone else? There does not seem to be anything other than circumstantial speculation and innuendo that it could have been.

The battle was fought on an emotional level back in Oz, just look at the reports coming out of there. It trades on Australia's deepest fears that all Asian courts (and their justice system for that matter) are kangaroo courts. It is life imitating art (a la Bangkok Hilton).

It is not good to hear Australians saying that they are not going to support Indonesia any more, saying that they regretted donating to Tsunami relief efforts, they will boycott Bali. Way to go Aussies, can we be any more narrow minded sometimes?

Nothing like confusing the issues.

If she is innocent then I hope that she can find evidence to prove it (not supposition and speculation and fairytales). Otherwise, I hope she uses her time to think about respecting the laws of the country she was entering.

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