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Che Dogge

PETA sucks!

"GUIDE dogs for the visually imparied and other aid dogs are unethical."

Who says? The dogs? I don't think so! As long as we are treated well and well cared for we are most happy to be of service to our human families. It gets us out of the house for our daily walks which is good for us. Plus when the blind dude isn't looking guide dogs get to swipe their lunch.
It also doesn't seem to occur to these human idiots that most guide dogs, police dogs,and other specially trained dogs get their start by being saved from death row at the local pound.

"CATS should be allowed outside only on leashes."

Tell that to The Cat! I would love to see any one of those morons try to put a leash on her. It would be worth a million dollars to actually watch them try and walk the evil one. I bet two doggy treats they can't do it. And I have no intentions of sniffing a litter box in MY house.

"PET breeding and pet shops should be outlawed."

Pets have to be desexed. It was done to me before I could even leave the pound. So if they outlaw breeders and pet shops just how long will it take before Cats & Dogs become extinct? Will pounds stop desexing dogs & cats? And what would humans do with out us? I Don't think you could survive?

"NEWSPAPERS must ban fishing columns."

Is this supposed to stop people from fishing? I don't think so! Now I'm hungry! Let's go get some fish and chips.

"AQUARIUMS, zoos and circuses should be declared illegal."

I never have been one to endorse caging the wildlife. Let the free roam free and all that stuff. But as long as the animals, fish, reptitles, etc. are being well taken care of and appear to be happy then I see no harm. As long as humans aren't over doing the whole captivity thing. After-all wildlife was meant to be wild not caged and confined.

I think it is time Che started a campaign against PETA!

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