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Agreed and agreed. However, do they deserve the death penalty?



That will be a question that is debated over and over. Whilst we take the view as a country against applying the Death Penalty

But I think that they deserve to be punished by whatever the Indonesians decide. That might mean the death penalty. That is the law in Indonesia. And this mob of nine would be bigger fools that we think if they didn't know of such consequences.

Herion is a lethal product. It extracts a dreadful price from those who use it. And those who choose to make money from its sale and distribution to vulnerable people must be aware of the risks they take.

Be what may.


You are right. And considering what we do know now. That our goverment played a big role in handing them over. Bloody wild stuff though. I have travelled extensively through Asia and the world and just know that you shouldn't go near that stuff.
I guess they will have to play the cards they have been dealt with and see where they go.
Does take some of the media attention away from Iraq though.

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