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Well I'll say one thing, I'd prefer to look at Mary on the cover of Women's magazines whilst standing at the checkout waiting to buy stuff than Camilla anyday.
But I don't know why the frenzy, perhaps the rags to riches explanation, after all arent all girls brought up on the prince will rescue them fantasy?

Graham Young

I don't understand it, anymore than I understand the need to have a head of state who isn't the head of government. The republicans think she's a good argument for getting rid of the Queen as head of state, I say off with all of their heads - Kings, Queens and Presidents - and three cheers for Prime Minsters, no matter what party they come from. At least with PMs you understand that you are getting feet of clay, all this Maryolatory suggests the woman's been assumed body and soul into heaven which is situated somewhere near the north pole. Maybe the video conference link is the modern equivalent of Jacob's Ladder?

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