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Tony Goodson

Isn't the point about water that, 70% of it is consumed by agriculture, 20% by industry, and 10% by home consumption, so even if we improved our home conservation by 10%, we'd be improving our overall consumption by 1%.

So why are we pissing around feeling guilty about our water consumption when it's just a drop in the ocean!!


it's interesting that at least two of your 'free market' goods (milk and electricity) whose prices are the result of marketing boards, regulators, crown companies and a host of other dynamics not found in perfectly competitive markets.

but that quibble aside, the reason that water is underpriced relative to demand is that the goal is to ensure complete, unhindered access to water at a minimum level (enough to meet basic human needs) while controlling discretionary use/waste. it's not an easy pricing trick (making price variable at different usage thresholds?) and not one that the market alone is able to manage as neatly as described above.

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