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Nathan Waters

haha nice, I'm just doing a uni assignment on Krispy Kreme... currently trying to find out if all their Aus stores are producing donuts on-site and whether or not KK's are in supermarkets here in Aus.

... since those two points are a big cause of some problems KK had in the US.

Good point about the airport too. I think KK wasn't too concerned about the travelling with KK donuts experience, but probably looked more at:

1) there's a lot of traffic through the airport
2) very few Australians know of Krispy Kreme. So if foreign travellers (such as Yanks) fly in and they're all gathering around the KK shop to grab some donuts... the Aussies see this, get talking and after a while the KK quality and experience stigma sticks with them as well.... "social proof" :)


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