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Hu DongQing

If someone has a coment about values, it doesn't mean they are attachking 'half' the political spectrum. Only a pathetically ideologically obsessed person would assume that that is what people are like.

Incidently, out of all the blogs I've read, the three which talk about the 'left' and the 'right' most are you, Tim Blair and The View From the Right. You're so ideologically driven that you can't even see when people agree with you. Its sad.


Thanks for visiting and making comment, Hu. Yep, I am unashamedly from the right end of the spectrum. Despite the strong tone in my post, I amd not "ideologically obsessed", I don't people as being either of the "left" or "right". Although I can see how that opinion can be drawn from many of my posts in the last few months....

My point in posting these letters was to demonstrate how some folks out there are attempting to use this tradegy to pedal their views on John Howard, George Bush, and the war in Iraq. That is distastful and wrong.

I was as stunned as anybody to think that over 100 000 people can be killed by massive waves of water. And I agree that much money needs to and must be spent. And I applaud the way in which the global community (including Big Business, both here in Australian and abroad) is getting behind the mission to raise relief funds, and send resources to the region.

No disagreement of values there. But we also must realise that using the dead to justify an arguement for less military spending (or similar) is distasteful. There is absolutely no need to make comparisons between who has the deepest wallets, or who spends more on aid, who sends more doctors, who sends more resources. Nor is there a need to make a comparison with the war in Iraq.

I was shocked and disappointed to read that some people had so quickly (like the day after the tsunami!)and so readily jumped in with making such thougtless comments and suggestions

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