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I hope people don't see cheap flights in isolation from broader trends. The fact that there is competition in the airline industry, and hence a price war as well as a greater range of 'products' available is a very direct product of deregulation and the wonders of the free market. Could we really ever see this happening under a government-owned QANTAS??


Yeah, I agree Ari....you put your finger on what I was alluding to, Jetstar offer a different "product" to other airlines, but it will take us some time to understand the differentiation.

Trevor Cook

Spot on - we still want a rolls royce at a holden price


This is a great post. As a Canadian living in london and now a founding member in the EasyJet (UK's LOwCost Airline) set - I love the fact that I can afford to travel. To be honest I don't want service on a 3 hour flight...I want the plane to leave on time (and if you are late - too bad) and I want it to be cheap (now if they could only do that to the British Railway service).
Perhaps if I had grown up with a national carrier like Qantas things would be different. We have (had) Air Canada which is notoriously poor in the service, dependability and luxury side of things. In my opinion the low cost's (RyanAir, EasyJet et al). Actually provide better, friendlier more dependable service for a price that has allowed us to vistit 9 different countries in 1 year. Rock on LowCost.
PS - if we are talking long haul my story changes abit but so does my price expectations.

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