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hey! Leave us poor INTJ's alone. Even worse, I am sometimes an ISTJ - which is probably way more frustrating than an INTJ!

Jason Barth

My life as an INTJ

Hello. My name is Jason Barth.
I am possibly an INTJ. I am definately an intorverted thinker (similar to the character of Spock from Star Trek). Sometimes I'm misunderstood by people since I do think differently than most. These tendancies root to Aspergars Syndrome in which my verbal skills are somewhat abstract. I'm just like everyone else, maybe somewhat different.
My perticular interest are in the sciences and arts. I am rather creative but somewhat insenitive to others feelings. Oh well no one is illegidly perfect in life I suppose. Well this is Jason Barth speaking. Good day.

Jason Barth

Hello. This is Jason Barth speaking once again with fascinating news. I'm not an INTJ(even though I am definately an Introverted Thinking type). Actually I'm an ISTJ and here's why. I tend to be organized and puntual, but like the INTJ I tend to be stubborn and unwilling to back down. Often at my work place I tend to be a methodical accurate coworker. My boss is more of an INTJ since he plans alot. I somewhat relate to his level, but he tends to be more global and imaginative and I tend to be more logical and pragmatic. I was smewhat attracted to ESFPs (Performers) when I was yonger, but now, more INTJs (Analysts). You got to learn to be happy with what you are to know what your real personality is. Enneagram type is 5w4, and that means I live in a world of thught (Like Spock, Einstein, and Egon from Ghostbusters). Well This is me once again. Good day.


Woah my name is Shannon and I am an ESFP and my husband is an INTJ!


Well then. How can an INTJ show affection if they are extremely private. That'll make you think


" How can an INTJ show affection if they are extremely private? "

From me(an INTJ) to all concerned:

VERY Intimately.



First of all I'd like to apologize for posting myself up there. I made a mistake first of all Meyers Briggs is only for strict scientific purposes only and done by a trained psychologist. Since I see one, and I taqlked to him about what type I'd fit, he said 'First of all to understand what you are, you have to look back at what you were in the past. So I showed him the ISTJ profile, he asked me questions about it and said I don't think this fits you precisely. If you run late that doesn't fit. Secondly I showed him the INTJ one next, and he said 'Nope INTJs appear to confidant and that's isn't quite you either. He gave me a questioneer and he said your were 65% Introverted meaning you're predominantly and introvert. 23% intuitive, meaning you base your perceptions on the big picture. 78% Thinking making me quest for knowledge, and 4% Percieving meaning that I tend to be disorganized and indecisive at times. If you think about it, you have your rights to post your stuff up here, but I don't and I wan't all my stuff deleted, because it's not worth making a complete illogical arse of myself to go, i'm this, I'm that. So I am sorry, and I wan't my name and post deleted. Thanks.

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Well then. How can an INTJ show affection if they are extremely private. That'll make you think

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I want to do it now! But he's the boss, so I have to wait, like a dog on heat waiting to pounce on what I want to do. But sometimes the enforced restrait is good for me, because I often put more importance on immediate sensation and gratification than on my duties and obligations when left alone.

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