30 Random Shannon Facts

1. First things first; I can't knit
2. I can count to 10 though
3. I own a Keeshond (you work it out)
4. I barrack for the Melbourne Demons, so
5. I own a Land Rover
6. My Dad is Canadian,
7. My Mum isn't
8. I have a little sister,
9. But no brothers.
10. I prefer red meat to chicken
11. I enjoy motorsport,
12. But am not a big fan of ballroom dancing
13. I often wonder why my dog barks so much
14. I get grumpy if I can't have the TV remote
15. My girlfiend gets grumpy when I have the TV
16. I read mostly autobiographies,
17. But I have never read the bible
18. I almost completed a Bachelor of Engineering
19. But I rarely complete a game of solitaire
21. I am a neat freak
22. Non-smoker,
23. But beer drinker
24. Can be selfish
25. Hates small change
26. Never been overseas
27. Has a regimented morning routine,
28. Including a really hot shower
29. I am a leo
30. So I am always right!